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UN Development Goal and principle of the common good

The sustainable development goal that is selected to be analyzed in this writing is the SDG3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all of all ages. This goal aims at the development of people around the world in terms of health and lives (United Nations, n.d). It is true that this goal is related to the improvement in various aspects of people’s lives, such as the increase in life expectancy, decrease fertility rate, development of medical facilities, and so on.

Besides, the common good refers to the values and facilities that community members offer to the group to achieve the shared social obligations that everyone has an interest (Thompson, 2018). In other words, the common good involves the contribution of all members in the community to fulfill the shared objectives.

In order to achieve the SDG3, there is no doubt that the common good can be applied. In this case, the smallest actions or tasks of a citizen definitely have an influence on the realization of this goal. For example, the release of polluted air by one household could put others at risk of respiratory illnesses, threatening the implementation of SDG3. Another example is that if one person calls for a residential area to do exercise regularly, their health will improve significantly. As a result, it is clear that the achievement of SDG3 requires effort from every individual in the community. The more contribution from society, the shorter period of time the objectives can be achieved.

Global community description

As my major is nursing, The Royal Melbourne hospital can be my future community where I put my first footprint on my career path. In recent times, The Royal Melbourne Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in Australia, with nearly 600 beds serving thousands of patients per year (Newsweek, 2019). There are a myriad of vacancies at The Royal Melbourne Hospital that are separated based on the characteristics of careers, such as medical careers, nursing careers, and so on. The total number of staff in the hospital in 2019 is over 10,000 people employed from 32 sites (The Royal Melbourne Hospital, n.d). The hospital recruited hundreds of new employees annually, provided they have relative qualifications and experience. They also demand volunteers and provide internships for students to have practical knowledge. In addition, the purpose of The Royal Melbourne Hospital is to enhance the welfare of societies served by The Royal Melbourne Hospital through the assistance of modern facilities and the care and dedication of the medical team (The Royal Melbourne Hospital, n.d).

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Current status of this goal and adverse impact to people in the community

Today, it is widely acknowledged that the COVID 19 which appeared at the start of 2020 has caused 1,764,698 deaths and 80,720,289 infected cases (Worldometers, 2020). There is little doubt that this disease threatened the realization of SDG 3 by its increase in fertility rate and negatively impacts on the daily lives of the earth’s citizens. Apart from COVID 19, there are many other diseases that contribute to the decline in the wellbeing of people, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, and so on (WHO, 2020). Still, it is undeniable that COVID 19 adversely influences the realization of the common good by the people working in the hospital.

Firstly, the deterioration in the physical and mental health of doctors and nurses is a clear cause of COVID 19. On one hand, because of the contagious nature of the disease, more and more people get infected because of their subjectiveness and lack of strict prevention (Bahl, 2019). On the other hand, the number of medical facilities and employees stays the same, leading to the shortage of labors and infrastructure. As a result, doctors and nurses’ lives are surrounded with worry and stress about how to deal with the mass amount of patients. Secondly, due to the contagious nature of COVID 19 and the close exposure to patients, doctors and nurses also run the risk of infecting with the disease. More dangerously, this can result in the mortality and deterioration in their health. These two factors definitely limit the effectiveness of the common good in achieving the SDG3.


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