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Many people may have had an enjoyable time owning a pet. People with a pet in their home are like a family member, and that member can bring many benefits, but besides that, it also needs care and responsibility from the boss. Others do not own pets, may not be comfortable with the presence of animals in their homes, or do not have the necessary conditions to take care of pets. There are many reasons why some places like cafes and farms use pets to attract customers. Personally, I belong to the group of people who own a pet in the house, I consider having a pet, and there are many benefits. However, I also admit that some inconveniences with pets make it possible for me to sympathize with people who do not own pets for various reasons.

Pets are animals that are raised and cared for by humans; they live in the house and can be seen as family members. Pets are often kept to satisfy human emotions because pets can bring their bosses joy and can be a powerful tool in some human services. Popular pets can be listed as dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. In addition, many other animals can also become pets when they satisfy the boss’s tastes and preferences.

There are many motivations for people to decide to stick with and own a pet, and some of the main ones can be mentioned. Firstly, people have a real love for animals and a desire to give the animals unconditional care and companionship. Kelly DiCicco, manager of adoption promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center, says the organization is noticing trends in more and more people willing to open their homes and adopt animals in need (Mayhew, 2020). Animal nonprofits often fight for animals’ right to life and quality of life. Secondly, during the pandemic, some people experience a period of social distancing; they have more free time and think about owning a pet. Although some may need to prepare more psychological skills and conditions necessary to take care of pets in the best way, this phenomenon does not only happen during the time of a pandemic, but it has existed for a long time (Mayhew, 2020). The result can be negative for the boss’s relationship with their pet because, just like raising children, pets need constant care and companionship from their boss, especially different from children as they can take care of themselves when they grow up, pets need their owners almost for the rest of their lives (Mayhew, 2020). Some pets may lose the instinct to feed themselves after a long time in human care, and they can hardly survive on their own if they suddenly have to return to wildlife.


Taking care of a pet can have an impact on people. The first is the positive effects, relationships between bosses and their pets can produce psychological benefits. Pet care can help people form good habits that can be useful in life. Pet care activities can help train discipline, maintain hygiene, manage personal energy, and improve the human spirit. Taking care of and playing with a pet can reduce disease risk. For example, dog owners are naturally more physically active because dogs are active species, so the boss’s health can be improved, and the risk of disease can be reduced. In addition, pets act as social support, encouraging people to stick to new habits or adopt healthy behavior. Pets can assist people in communicating and connecting with those around them, and pets can act as a social icebreaker between strangers or as a catalyst for social interaction. It can be seen that pets are useful for humans in improving physical health and play an important role in improving our mental health.

The second is the negative effects. While it is undeniable that pets bring many benefits to people, there are also inconveniences that pets can cause, which requires each person to be prepared before adopting any pet. Cost can be a potential issue, and the boss needs to add an additional amount to the budget to cater for the pet, including the cost of buying the animal, the cost of buying necessary tools such as collars, trays, litter boxes, claw tools, cat shelters, or leashes, collars and harnesses, dog crates or kennels, cages or overhead cages for birds, in addition, different pets need different types of food, different toys, the boss also needs to make sure there is enough space for the pet to operate (Mayhew, 2020). Besides, the costs related to medical, health care and aesthetics for pets can also make up a large part of the boss’s budget. On the other hand, having a pet can affect the health of some family members. For example, as a cat owner living in a household where someone is allergic to cat fur, the health problems the cat can cause are problematic. Allergies get worse each time people come into contact with an allergen. Hence, bosses need to ensure the people around them don’t have problems with allergies before deciding to adopt any pets. The boss may risk his life schedule being turned upside down. We need to spend more time taking care of and playing with our pets, which could previously be used for other hobbies such as working and hanging out with friends. If we don’t spend enough time with pets, they can be free-spirited and sometimes inadvertently destructive, especially with certain breeds that are instinctively active, such as the Husky.

In conclusion, owning and caring for a pet may take work. It is important for bosses to prepare the necessary conditions before deciding to take the pet home. However, if bosses are well prepared, living with a pet can create a very enjoyable experience and many benefits.



Mayhew, E. (2020, July 23). What you need to do before bringing home a new pet.


  1. First paragraph

Primarily, the topics of society problems have been highly controversial in the modern decade. According to the given article by Tim Burgess (Tim B 2021), the issue related to homelessness was strongly argue about “A plan designed to remove encampments and prevent their return, to restore access to our parks and public spaces for everyone’s enjoyment, to help campers by providing enhanced substance-abuse and mental-health services.” Approaches to assist people who are homeless and suffering from addiction or mental health issues are made. Homeless encampments are locations where homeless people live out in the open. They might set up camp on private property or on property owned by government agencies.


  1. Causes – Effect
  • Cause 1: Unemployment
  • Unemployment is the most initial reason that causes the shortage of domestic income. (Atlanta Mission 2023)
  • A lack of income means that people are not able to afford their necessaries for the lowest living standard for example, healthy food expenses, house rentings, as well as medical issues.
  • Example : Regarding the reports of the Homeless Policy Research Institute, in 2019, 46% of homelessness was accounted for in Unemployment.
  • The reasons of Unemployment could be included in cyclical, structural, and frictional issues.
  • In detail, since the recession phase in the economic cycle (Dirk Hofschire 2022), the U.S citizens have suffered from the shortage of occupation demand from firms. The low profit of companies leads to the decision of labor cut, which leads to a huge amount of labor becoming unemployed.


  • Cause 2: Lack of Affordable Housing
  • The former reason has a tight connection with the next reason, which is related to a lack of affordable housing. (Atlanta Mission 2023)
  • After the peak of the business cycle in 2021, the housing price was at its highest position.

-> Consequently low and medium living standard people could not afford the high housing expense, that push people to be homelessness.

  • One more issue leading to the affordable housing is the income inequality in Seattle.
  • To improve the high living standard citizens, a vast of high price houses was built in order to making profit. However, the less investors tend to pay money on low price housing, because of the low income from the investment.

-> Thus, low income citizens need to suffer from high housing price and choose to live in the tent encampment.


  • Effect 1: Unhealthy Environment

Unhealthy encampment conditions can lead to dangerous health problems. (Sharon Chamard 2010)

  • Garbage attracts rodents and other vermin, food can’t be stored or cleaned properly, and there are numerous environmental hazards.
  • Lack health insurance, but they frequently have chronic physical and mental health conditions that require ongoing medical attention. This means that they often go to the emergency room for non-emergency care.
  • There is some indication that tuberculosis and sexually-transmitted diseases are of special concern.


  • Effect 2: Criminalization

People who are homeless for an extended period of time commit crimes.

A substantial link between homelessness and crime exists.

  • Contrary to popular assumption, the typical persistently homeless person isn’t a committed violent offender, but instead has a hugely proportional criminal history for charges including disorderly conduct, petty thievery, and vandalism.
  • Because of an expansion in the use of “non-institutionalized establish and maintain” such as begging for money, street selling, and theft, the more somebody is houseless and habitually homeless, the further engaged person becomes in criminal behavior.


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