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Ricardo Fernandes

Global Software Development

8 King Street

London, ON N1B 2C3

February 9, 2018

Re: Software testing service

Complaints Department

Trilong Testing Inc.

123 Main Street

Toronto, ON M1A 2B3

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this to bring to your attention a severe problem which is associated with the service performed by your company recently.

Last week, a tester from your company was sent to carry out a regular testing operation for our technology system. The unexpected issue occurred when the whole system failed to get access to same source of information simultaneously and kept giving busy signal notice. This is probably caused by the fact that the operational software was not able to implement testing for one unit at a time and unnecessary data has not been removed from the system. As a result, the electrical system was faced with degradation. The whole network of system became less productive and ended up shutting down for hours. This also had negative impact on the backup systems. Our customers were extremely dissatisfied for not receiving the service standard up to their requirement.

Our company has long been your loyal customer, and we never experienced any problem with your provided service in the past. The tester who was sent to our company might have not received enough training or qualification from your side to undertake such a challenging and significant testing task. The consequent result, as can be seen, was tremendously unprofessional.

While I’m fully aware that mistakes cannot be entirely avoidable on some occasions, I’m really concerned about the struggle this matter has brought to us. Being a company operating in service industry, it is vitally important that we constantly be up and provide our customers with reliable service through seamless and integrated system. Despite our attempt to make contact with your customer service department, the problem has yet to be tackled. Because of this incident, our company has to take further consideration in terms of whether we should keep using Trilong service in the future. I appreciate if we could have your reasonable compensation which will cover the refund for low level of service provided as well as our consequential repair and maintenance expense.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing your response soon.

Best regards,

Ricardo Fernandes

Operations Manager

Global Software Development

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