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Nowadays, with the development of companies and the competition of people in different fields, there have been more and more requirements for graduates. Especially, for those who have graduated from universities and would like to work in a professional workplace, it is important to gain profound knowledge, effective soft skills, and social experiences. While there have been more students studying Marketing and looking for a job in this field, it is important to stay updated and analyze what can make differences in this intense competition of the workplace. This essay will focus on three main parts including an organization that needs a circle for Marketing graduates, competitors circles about how other schools prepare for their university marketing graduates, and analyzed me in terms of strengths and weaknesses that need to be improved in the future.



  1. A) Organization Needs Circle: 

There are a large number of things that managers in organizations will look for from marketing graduates with the combination of soft skills, academic ability and determination. First of all, a marketing graduate needs to have an interest in people and commercial awareness to begin their career in marketing. These skills can be developed through the experiences of working in team projects, social clubs and organizations as well as social events and programs. This also can be achieved through part-time jobs or exchange programs when students have an opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which require their teamwork, communication and negotiation skills (Prospects 2019). For teamwork skills, Marketing graduates are required to work towards an integrated campaign which involves the participation of many departments and other partners. In terms of communication skills, marketing graduates are required to work and communicate with customers and clients and the ability to express their ideas to others in a team  (Doyle 2020). 


Moreover, academic skills are also essential when students learn to meet deadlines and can interpret complex information. Especially creativity is one of the top priorities in Marketing. Although creativity does not mean you have to master all designing tools or know-how to design, graduates should have experiences in writing and designing as there would be several situations they have to write for the press release, social media posts, blogs as well as develop designs with designers or video editors (Papandrea n.d). Moreover, managers need to look for candidates who have commercial awareness, especially in their specific fields as customers’ needs and demands are the main focus of marketing activities as well as market research (Target Jobs nd). Lastly, marketing analytical skills are also important since marketing officers will have to analyze data, conduct market research, Solve marketing problems using qualitative analysis (Schlee & Harich 2010). 


  1. B) Competitors Offering Circle


Other marketing graduates from other universities are also preparing very well for their future careers. First, RMIT offers its students with their internship programs and courses that require soft skills including communication, teamwork, project management (RMIT university n.d). Moreover, they have a different range of general elective courses so that students can both develop their abilities and knowledge in their specialized field while developing other knowledge in different fields. They also offer a large number of clubs and social activities for students to join to develop their soft skills and practice what they have learned at university. RMIT also offers students a mentoring program and other soft skill workshops to help them get further preparation for their job. Secondly, Monash University also offers students with various exchange programs, workshops, and prepare-for work programs before a Marketing graduate enters the workplace (Monash University n.d).  On the other hand, the University of Melbourne also provides students with profound academic knowledge (University of Melbourne n.d).


  1. C) Your Circle: 

I can offer different types of features to employers from soft skills and knowledge. In terms of soft skills, I have worked in social clubs for long days and have become marketing and communication leaders of different projects organized for universities, clubs and social communities. Therefore, I had a chance to work with different people from different backgrounds and know how to communicate and work with people in different cultures and backgrounds. On the other hand, I can write blogs, press releases and social media posts very well since I had experiences working in assignments for Marketing and Communication at Deakin University while having a time of working as a club leader and collaborator of online companies around the world. Besides, I know how to design pictures in terms of Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd and edit pictures based on Lightroom. Since I am used to working, organizing social events and studying at the same time at Deakin University, I am good at meeting deadline requirements and stress management. On the other hand, with the profound knowledge I have learned at the university, I am quite confident in giving ideas and plans for a Marketing campaign. Besides that, I have worked part-time for online international companies in terms of education, I am very confident in working for education organizations. 


Moreover, when learning at Deakin University, I have been used to technology innovation, therefore, I have knowledge and experiences for digital marketing, technologies that have been updated in the world to apply for my Marketing job and projects. On the other hand, since I have been used to working in teams and becoming project leaders for a large number of assignment projects and projects at clubs and workplaces, I am interested in the project management field where I believe I can fully reach my potentials, skills and work with full dedication for the projects. Since Deakin has mastered the online and distancing learning method with many years of working in this field, experiences of working online and distancing meetings have helped me to connect with people around the world in order to discuss, teamwork and give new ideas for the projects, helping to develop the ability to work multiple tasks at the same time. Since Deakin is a reputable and long history, the structure of the courses helps me to have from overview to deep knowledge about Marketing and specific knowledge in different fields of the course, this has helped me to have the suitable mindset and thinking designs so that whenever I approach other any new projects or campaigns, I know which steps I should do in order to make sure they are organized and run effectively. 


On the other hand, when studying at Deakin University, I have had the chance to take internships as a course not only to study but also to get experiences about working in organizations and knowledge about the market’s demands for marketing graduates. Besides, Deakin usually organizes workshops and extra programs in terms of negotiation, CVs, interviews for students to prepare the best for their workplace and future job. This valuable knowledge and experience will be extremely helpful not only to get a job but also for students who want to become business owners in the long term future. Besides, Deakin has helped me to meet outstanding students, lecturers, and mentors who have been working in the market with rich experiences. I have had the chance to work with them and discussed many projects at universities and other social programs, which helped me to get new ideas and the right mindset for my future job as well as a career path. Deakin also has five campuses around Melbourne, which helps me to have a large number of choices for learning and exploring new environments as well as a wide circle of friends working in different fields (Deakin University n.d).


Besides, working at Deakin University requires me to work on my own a lot, which helps me to develop my research skills as well as problem-solving skills. I have to find my way and think about the different solutions in order to come up with effective results and expectations of target customers thanks to the encouragement of working independently by lecturers and staff at the university.


Deakin University also offers students with exchange programs in other countries. This has expanded my opportunities of working in global contexts where I  not only have to deal with projects but also social perceptions, cultural values, and differences in backgrounds and design thinking processes. Therefore, I have become more open when working with people in different cultures with listening, negotiation, and communication skills as well as understand many cultural differences of people in a large number of countries.



In conclusion, it can be said that with the strong competition as well as higher quality demands of organizations and businesses, managers are having more requirements for marketing graduates, especially from reputable universities. All other universities are preparing for their students with both soft and hard skills in terms of Marketing fields through social clubs, internship programs and events. 


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